C-Level Executives

Jayne HIStalk

Blogger, Physician, Chief Medical Information Officer

What I Run:

I'm an anonymous blogger, which keeps me busy as I try to keep up with the world of Healthcare IT.  Additionally, I run my own consulting company, which works with hospitals and health systems as they grapple with changes to healthcare delivery and the information technology needed to be successful.  I also see patients, so on those days I'm running a patient care team as we strive to deliver complete compassionate care.

Dreams I chase:

I dream of helping people stay healthy, prevent disease, and be able to enjoy their future.

What I run after (dogs, kids, adventure):

I run after adventure - not just big adventures, but the every day ones.  I also run after clients who don't always want to listen to my advice.

What I run (or walk) to stay fit:

I try do four miles a day.  Although I'd rather be outside, my iFit-equipped treadmill has saved my sanity during the snowy months.  It lets me run in Hawaii, Bali, South Africa, and a host of other places.

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