Larissa D’Andrea

Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs

What I Run:

My role is responsible for aligning our Americas Government and Regulatory Affairs strategies with business objectives for medical device, non-medical device and consumer products.  We advocate on reimbursement, regulatory and healthcare ecosystem policy issues; proactively monitoring and analyzing legislative, policy and regulatory trends, engaging with key influencers, and educating stakeholders.

Dreams I chase:

Long ago I started a WWII epic drama screenplay about key female spy’s that changed the course of the war.  My dream is to see that someday in film.

What I run after (dogs, kids, adventure):

love to travel.  I am blessed that my roles have taken me around the globe, experiencing different cultures.

What I run (or walk) to stay fit:

I was a competitive figure skater and snowboarder years ago.  I still love the snow.  I also enjoy running, pilates and  yoga.

What I learned along the way:

I have learned that you cannot be efficient with people.  We are constantly running to keep up, be agents of change and drive success in our personal lives and in support of our businesses.  It is critical to slow down and take time with people to understand their world.

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