Linda Stotsky

Director of Business Development - US Markets

What I Run:

I run campaigns and sales calls, conversations and relationships. Content marketing, blogs, social media. Three three kids in two generations, one amazing little grandson,  two dogs and a house.

Dreams I chase:

Organizing my house, being open to love, a great piece of art, and living on a beach (any beach will do).

What I run after (dogs, kids, adventure):

Presently I'm running after one adult daughter, a 19-year-old son, a 2 yr old grandson, two dogs and one cat in my house! But this will end soon, and I will continue to run after adventures. Those  that stimulate my mind, feed my soul and stretch my body. I run after sunshine and chase blue skies, mostly on the  trail  beside the river near my house.

What I run (or walk) to stay fit:

I run / walk 2-3 miles as many times as my schedule allows. To keep it interesting I chase dogs around various yards whenever I can.

What I learned along the way:

I learned that sometimes its a matter of just placing one foot in front of the other until I get past the finish line. I've fallen, stopped, gotten up, and started again. I learned that continuing on when I thought it impossible,  taught me more than all the victories and accolades I've received. When I thought something impossible, was when I found my voice.  And the decisions  I've made in the best and the worst of times, forever changed the course of my life, and my ability to embrace it.

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