C-Level Executives

Sarah Doherty

Co-Founder, CTO

What I Run:

A company creating the world's first tele-robotic healthcare platform that allows a provider stationed anywhere in the world to both speak with a patient AND deliver actual medical services like ultrasound to that patient stationed with our TRUDI (Tele-Robotic Ultrasound for Distance Imaging) kiosk on-demand, in real-time, 24 hours a day. No on-site personnel are needed with the patient.

Dreams I chase:

Solving the world's healthcare access crisis. Achieving equal representation, value and voice for women and men in all areas and at all levels of the educational spectrum, workplace and home. Being an IronWoman triathelete. Swimming across Lake Michigan. Building a healthy, happy family of my own one day with a supportive, loving, ambitious partner.

What I run after (dogs, kids, adventure):

I think for me a better preposition here is "towards" and in some cases, "with". I run towards, and with: novelty, love, happiness, commitment, intention, dark chocolate, impact, passion, the nearest dance party.

What I run (or walk) to stay fit:

I run miles and swim miles each week to keep my body fit. I run my mouth for miles and travel for miles attempting to share the opportunity that low cost robotics presents for revolutionizing healthcare delivery.

What I learned along the way:

The only other thing I'd add is #WhyIRun and I guess my answer is #WhyNotMe, #BecauseICan, #TheRoadIsEndless. Our world is oriented towards limits. They're safe and helpful and often enable productivity. But, they don't orient us toward vision. Toward imagining what we cannot see. We need to build comfort with the ambiguity of unconstrained opportunity, of unbounded potential. It's the only road to impact and ingenuity. Thinking I can be or do anything presents challenges as I continually navigate in what to invest myself, but it enables me to attempt and achieve without constraint. Why not me, at 23, starting a new company. Sure, because I can. Opportunity Ave. is endless, and its a good thing.

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