Van Wong

Director, Business Systems Integration

What I Run:

I run an IT department comprising 35+ FTEs supporting application development, electronic data interchange (EDI), IT project management, data warehousing and analytic for our organization. I'm also the CFO of my family which is probably more daunting and stressful  than my day job. ;)

Dreams I chase:

On a personal basis, making sure I raise a healthy, happy, caring and responsible member of society who loves his mom LOTS! On a professional basis, I just want to make sure my team provides the best service possible to our business in support of quality health services to our Medicaid members in San Francisco.

What I run after (dogs, kids, adventure):

My 3 year old toddler keeps me busy running after him daily. He loves running at every hour of the day and I get dizzy running in circles around our couch chasing him. He's like an energizer bunny! And his short stature gives him a low center of gravity so he doesn't get as dizzy as me. Advantage toddler! Our family likes to travel internationally so he can experience the world and all the different trains that run

What I run (or walk) to stay fit:

I have a fitbit and it helps keep me on track with steps. I get on the treadmill or chase after my kid in the park if I need to keep abreast of my friends on challenges. I love the gamification and social aspect of it! It keeps me motivated and makes sure I am in good enough shape to keep up with my kid.

What I learned along the way:

In terms of lessons learned, my single most consistent lesson in life has been to be flexible. Despite well planned intentions, sometimes unexpected things happen and you need to be able to roll with it and get the best outcome you can.  This is especially true with how you plan your day with a 3 year old!

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